Frequently Asked Questions

Services offered Multiple payment options Service at your doorstep
It will take less than 90 minutes to get your car serviced How is Metre Per Second service different from other multi-brand service centres? Unlike other workshops, Metre Per Second comes to your for your repairs, which saves more than 90% of your time. Metre Per Second allows customers to see whatever is happening with his/her car. Metre Per Second services are backed by 6 month service warranty. Why should I prefer Metre Per Second over other service providers? Your car doesnt go anywhere, all repairs are performed infront of you, so you dont have to go through the followups with the persons/companies in between you and mechanic. All repairs in Metre Per Second are performed by trained and educated technicians who can answer your quireies technically
Step1: You will schedule a service with Metre Per Second. Step 2: Metre Per Second technician will be in touch once he is assigned Step 3: Technician will visit you in preffered time and perfrom service ‘Its that simple. You dont have to worry about travelling. You dont have to worry about spares All repairs at your doostep.
Servicing which includes engine oil changes, filters change and fluids change will be done right at your doorstep infront of you. So you can see what Oils, spares we are using giving your 100%transparency in service providers

Let our experts tailor a plan for you.